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Living with a mental illness can smother your motivation; it can peel away the layers of life’s possible pleasures; and melt away the wonders of love. Mental Illness can isolate your existence and exclude you from having friendships, lost before they have even began.

At Hear Us, all our staff and volunteers know these feelings and adverse emotions as we have walked the same path. That is why Hear Us make; not just one small step, but we take one giant leap for all our vulnerable communities’ needs and hopes.

Hear Us actively makes contact with over 3500 people suffering the anguish of metal distress each year. Our Linkworking Project supports those that feel that are without a voice, or an opinion, into having their voice and issues heard. We help them to receive respect during crisis and despair and we help them to navigate their chosen path through mental health services on their journey to recovery.

Your donations to Hear Us would help to support and help empower people who are suffering metal illness, many have learning difficulties and many are susceptible and struggle with addiction problems. These people are Croydon’s most vulnerable people in our community; and our society is being pulled apart for the benefit and gains of the selfish few; whilst failing to give support to those in need and deep desperation.

New welfare reforms, particularly Universal Credit, are driving people further into poverty. Our Welfare benefits project support people with mental illness to make claims for disability benefits, and we support them to assessments and where necessary, we represent them at appeals and tribunals.

Hear Us continue to represent and act as the voice of people that use the local mental health services in Croydon to service providers and commissioners; actively campaigning with service users on issues raised by users themselves. To advance education about mental health for the public benefit in Croydon and surrounding areas with the object of creating awareness and reducing the stigma attached to mental health

Each donation helps Hear Us to support people with mental illnesses live a healthier lifestyles and an improved wellbeing. You can give to Hear Us in a number of ways:

You can make a secure online payment to Hear Us through our website; and click on the CAF Charities Aid Foundation Logo.

If your employer has a Payroll Giving scheme, simply nominate Hear Us as your chosen charity, and make a tax-free donation each month.

You can also make a donation in memory of a loved one or leave Hear Us a gift in your will.

Please be assured, any money we receive goes directly towards helping people with mental illness live more fulfilling lives. If you would like more information, please have a look at our latest annual report and accounts. Other ways to raise money for Hear Us would be through holding or taking part in a Community fund-raising event, such as the London Marathon or less tiring would be having Tea and Cakes parties to raise money.

We would like to thank you for all your support – it makes all the difference to someone suffering the isolation of mental distress.