Peer Support 2022/23

Welfare Benefits Peer Navigator & Support Project
Hear Us / Peer Support 2022/23

2022-23 Activities

COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting face-to-face contact with our service user, April 22 and March 23, Hear Us received 387 referrals and referred 119 to social inclusive services

1st Quarter 1st April to 30th June 2022/23 we supported 155 people and connected with them over 522 times over 728.70 hours.

2nd Quarter 1st July to 31st October 2022/23, we have been supporting 248 people and have been in connecting with them over 807 times over 1460.75 hours.

Welfare Surgeries Project Current Outcomes 2022-23: (1st & 2nd Quarters)

1: Helping people address and resolve immediate financial distress = 48 Client Case Work

Foodbanks Vouchers
Croydon’s Discretionary Scheme
Discretionary Housing Payments.
Utility Debt and Repayment Schemes

2: Support by helping people to improve financial security = 284 Client Case Work

Employment and Support Allowance(ESA) Applications
Personal Independence Payment(PIP) Applications
Universal Credit (UC) Applications
DLA Applications
Housing Benefit Applications
Council Tax Applications

3: Helping people Increased Social Inclusion (Inc. Preventative Services) = 71 Client Case Work

Freedom Passes
Mobility Schemes
Referrals and Signposting for Support from Social Inclusion Services:
Referrals to Employment & Volunteering
Referrals to Groups and Activities
Referrals to Talking Therapies
Referrals to Debt Agencies
Referrals to Job Centres
Referrals to Drug and Alcohol services
Housing Associations