The Aim of the Challenge

Mental Health Awareness, Anti Stigma and Discrimination Project
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The Reachout Challenge is an anti-stigma campaign raising awareness of mental health issues amongst public sector employees and the wider public. We do this through information sharing and talking about our lived experience of mental health so that the wider community has a better understanding of the realities of living with mental health conditions.

Aims of the Reachout Challenge:

Decrease Stigma

To fight stigma, prejudice and discrimination about mental illness: More than half of people with mental illness do not receive help for their mental health. Social stigma and discrimination can make mental health problems worse and stop a person from getting the help they need.

Raise Awareness

To raise awareness about Mental Health through education and sharing lived experiences. Raise awareness about the negative use of language and its effect on mental health; judging, labelling or discriminating can have devastating effects on people with mental ill health.

Treating people with respect and dignity supports people in their recovery, positively affecting their own self-worth, self-esteem and confidence.

To Encourage

To encourage the staff in the organisations we work with to have a more ‘open policy’ towards mental health that enables them to be able to talk about their own mental wellbeing without shame, embarrassment or stigma. People avoid seeking treatment due to concerns about being stigmatised, fears of losing their jobs and fear of being shunned by friends, colleagues and family.

May Taha Elroubi
Reachout Challenge Coordinator
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