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There are lots of ways that you can get involved in the Linkworking Project, whether you are a service user, a staff member or a carer of someone with mental health issues.

If you are a service user…

There are three main ways that you can get involved in the Linkworking Project:

Tell us about your experiences by talking to a Linkworker in one of Croydon’s local mental health services. Alternatively, contact Barbra or call 020 8681 6888.

Ask for the Linkworking project to be made available in your local service… It might be that we don’t regularly visit your service and you think that people could do with a bit more support.  To talk more about getting the project set up, get in touch with Barbra or speak to your service manager, who can get in touch with us themselves and talk about how the project works…

Become a Hear Us Linkworker!  Hear Us is always looking for current or ex-service users to join the team.  If you enjoy supporting other people, have a good listening ear and are passionate about improving mental health services in Croydon, click if you would like to Become a Linkworker If you are a staff member…

There are lots of things that you can do to support the Linkworking Project in your service: Suppose the project isn’t currently working in your service. In that case, you can become a champion for service user involvement and build links with Hear Us to talk about how the project can support you and your service users.

To find out more about how we can help, contact Barbra on or call 020 8681 6888. If the project is working within your service, you can promote the session times and the fact that the LInkworkers are available to the people you are working with.

By signposting people to the project, you can help people to access additional support and link people into the vibrant mental health community in Croydon. Support the Linkworkers!  The team really value feedback from staff and service users and are here to make things better for everyone.  If you’ve got some feedback you’d like to share, please speak to us, and we will raise your concerns anonymously via the project… If you are a carer…. We’re not just interested in service users’ experiences or staff – we also really want to hear more about your experiences as a carer.  It might be that you need a bit of support or that you are having issues as a carer or want to raise issues on behalf of the person you’re caring for. Whatever is going on, the Linkworkers are here to help.  Talk to someone in your service or alternatively contact the office to put you in touch with a Linkworker….

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