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Now more than ever Hear Us need your donations. With Covid-19, Charities like Hear Us are really suffering. Please support us so we can support our mentral health community

Your donations to Hear Us would help to support and help empower people who are suffering metal illness, many have learning difficulties and many are susceptible and struggle with addiction problems. These people are Croydon’s most vulnerable people in our community. Your donations will go to make a difference to the lives of many and you can be reassured that we will receive 100% of the donation.

Send a cheque

This should be made payable to ‘Hear Us’ and sent to The Hear Us, Orchard House, 15a Purley Road, South Croydon, Surrey, CR2 6EZ. Please include a cover letter about the donation.


Standing Order Form

Deposit cash or cheques directly

If you would like to deposit cash or cheques straight into our bank account, you will need an official paying in slip from our team, which you can use, at any branch of The Cooperative Bank. Please let the team know your home (or Business) address and how much you are donating, and they can send one out to you. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Hear Us’.

Donate through CAF Charities Aid Foundation

You can make a secure online payment to Hear Us click on the CAF Charities Aid Foundation Logo to donate.


Each donation helps Hear Us to support people with mental illnesses live a healthier lifestyle and an improved well-being, please donate now and help make a difference to somebodies life.

Here are some examples of where we would spend your donations


£3 per month Will help us run our websites and social media, enable us to help attract more members and supporters 

£8 per month Could put our leaflets in Croydon GP surgeries, helping people to be aware that they are not alone and that there are service in the community to help them out of.

£12 per month Could answer a call to our Croydon office, providing someone with vital support and information about help in Croydon.

£21 per month Could support our peer support services, helping people connect with Croydon services where they can connect and feel less isolated.

£31 per month Could support our peer welfare benefits workers in helping people of Croydon get access to support to help them get the Welfare Benefits that they are entitled.

£50 per month Could help our Linkworking Project campaign for better mental health services from the Croydon Clinical Commissions Group (CCG), Croydon Council and the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust (SLaM), so more people get services that meet their needs.

£100 per month Could pay for our Guide to Hear Us Guide to Croydon’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Services to be printed and distributed across all mental health services

£500 per month Pays for our rent in South Croydon, giving us a base for running all our services (£750 would also pay for our office at East Croydon)

£1500 per month Helps us to pay the salary for our Welfare Benefits Worker who is vital for supporting a person to apply and navigate the current complex ‘Universal Credit’ benefits system

You can make a secure online payment to Hear Us through

Please contact us if you need any more information.


Tim Oldham
Orchard House
15a Purley Road
South Croydon
Tel: 020 8681 6888
Mobile: 07594 373 104

Charity No. 1135535
Company No. 06891337