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Link Trustee Role Description

The Hear Us trustees play a vital role in making sure that Hear Us achieves its core purpose, ensuring that the organisation complies with its governing document, organisation law, and any other relevant legislation or regulations.

Trustees also ensure that Hear Us has a clear strategy and that our work and goals are in line with our vision. Just as importantly, they support and challenge the Senior Management Team to enable Hear Us to grow and thrive and, through this, achieve our mission.

Board members have a collective responsibility. This means that trustees always act as a group and not as individuals. However, Hear Us is a small charity, and we need our trustees to be more actively involved in projects beyond the board level.

We want to develop Link Trustees, who will work with the Project Managers (and staff) and help develop reports that will be presented to the Board of Trustees. As the Link Trustee becomes more involved in their project, their knowledge and understanding of its impact on our community will grow. In turn, this will make Hear Us trustee board and the Charity stronger.

The Link Trustee will keep the governing board informed about the area for which they’re chosen to be a link between governors and staff.

Hear Us Trustees to link with our Projects.

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Other Link Trustee role descriptions will follow shortly.

Fundraising Committee
Quality & Diversity

Link Trustees’ purpose is to work alongside [Project Name] Manager to evaluate and oversee – with support from Senior Management Team:

Project purpose, vision, goals and activities

Accounts: Budget Spend and Funding – Oversee the projects financial funding/budgets and spend


Equal Ops Monitoring

Evaluation: Of Service by Service Users

Evaluation: Wellbeing of Service Users

Wellbeing of Staff & Workload

Ensure there is effective and efficient administration of the [Project Name].

Keep abreast of changes in [Project Name] operating environment.

Attend Board meetings with [Project Name] Manager and help contribute to presentations

Help ensure that key risks are being identified, monitored, mitigated and controlled effectively.

Contribute to regular reviews of [Project Name] governance.