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Meet the Linkworkers

The team of Linkworkers are dedicated to supporting people in Croydon with their mental health, by helping to improve services, offering a listening ear to people who are having problems and supporting people to get the help they need, often when they most need it.

“I try to be there to listen to service users, offering them advice and practical tips based on my own experiences, so that they can avoid being readmitted.” (Linkworker)

“I feel that Linkworking helps people who would otherwise remain silent to find their voice.” (Linkworker)

“Being a Linkworker has given me the confidence to speak out about my own mental health problems and share my experiences for the benefit of other service users.” (Linkworker)

“I enjoy being a Linkworker. After everything I have been through it’s nice to pass on what has helped me.” (Linkworker)

“Being a Linkworker gives me a real sense of satisfaction as I know that I am giving something back to people who really need help.” (Linkworker)


Contact: Linkworking Project

Contact: Linkworking Project

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