Croydon User Council (CUC)

Croydon's Peer Navigator & Support Project
Hear Us / Croydon User Council (CUC)

This is a closed meeting where Linkworkers and Linkwork Champions, who are representing the voice of service users, come together to discuss the quality of service provision in Croydon. We meet and debate the issues that are raised with them during the Linkworking Sessions.


We also invite guests from the commissioner, Croydon CCG and Council, and service providers SLaM (the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust).

We meet to discuss the following SLaM Services;

 Alex 1 at the Bethlem Royal Hospital  Once per week
 Chelsham House at the Bethlem Royal Hospital  Once per week
 Tyson West 1 at the Bethlem Royal Hospital  Twice per week
 Gresham 1 at the Bethlem Royal Hospital  Twice per week
 Gresham 2 at the Bethlem Royal Hospital  Twice per week
 Fitzmary 1 at the Bethlem Royal Hospital  Twice per week
 Lishman Ward at the Bethlem Royal Hospital  Once per week
 Gresham PICU  Once per week
 Queens Resource Centre  Once per week
 Jeanette Wallace House  Twice per week
 Psych Liaison at Croydon University Hospital  Once per week


Here you can meet with our Linkworkers and discuss with them the issues, both good and bad, that you have accessing and using services. This is a great opportunity for you to help shape the services we all require, and want to aid in our recovery. Please take time, when you come into contact with our Linkworkers to talk to them. 

Hear Us wants to enlist people who experienced or have receiving care and support form Croydon’s mental health services; to join our Croydon User Council. You will have the role of expert champions 

As a Croydon User Council Member you will support each other to create a voice for people receiving care and support from Croydon’s Integrated Mental Health services and Contributing to positive change and development and enhancing the profile of service user involvement.

The aim of the Croydon User Council is to discuss:

Issues that local service users and service user groups want to talk to the Trust about;

Issues on which the Trust wishes to consult with service users to gain the service user perspective.

The ultimate aim of the Croydon User Council is to help the Croydon NHS, Statuary services and the Voluntary Sector to improve its services and to make a difference to the care, support and the culture they deliver to service users.

The council aims to be representative of the community served by the Croydon’s Integrated Mental Health Service and encourages people from all backgrounds to join.

Council members must be committed to attending a 2 hour council meeting every month. Members must also be willing to spend time in preparation for meetings and be willing to visit local service user groups to gather a wider service user perspective on issues.

Key Experiences and abilities of Linkworking Champions are:

Personal experience of receiving mental health services in Croydon preferably within the past 2 years

Knowledge of Croydon’s Mental Health Services

Ability to listen and understand issues that affect Croydon’s Mental Health Community of Croydon’s Mental Health Community

Be able to represent the views and have the ability to raise issues that affect Croydon’s Mental Health Community to commissioners and service providers

An interest in helping to improve the quality of care, support and culture of Croydon’s Integrated Mental Health Services

Ability to make a positive contribution to discussions and meetings

An ability to convey information back to the council from commissioners and service providers

Hear Us works toward eliminating all forms of discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity for all

How to Join the Croydon User Council: 

Interested service users will be asked to complete a short information statement with details of their experience and will be invited for an informal discussion with the Hear Us Coordinator and Chair of the Service User Council.

Potential Council Members will need to join the South London and Maudsley NHS Trusts (SLaM) Involvement Register

If you think you can help and would like more information about joining the Croydon User Council or if you would just like to have an informal chat, please contact:

Barbra Davison
Linkwork Project Manager
Hear Us
Orchard House
15a Purley Road
South Croydon
Mobile: 07749 156 828