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Hear Us represents the views of people that use the local mental health services in Croydon to service providers; The South London and Maudsley NHS Trust (SLaM) and commissioners; Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

We contributes to the local mental health promotion agenda, and promotes positive mental health within the local community.

We promotes mutual respect and equality of rights and opportunities, regardless of disability, with particular reference to local mental health service users and service survivors

We actively campaign with users on issues raised by users themselves.

We reach out to all service users to encourage and support participation in the Hear Us Open Forum and Linkworking Projects

We encourage and train Croydon’s service users to become Linkworkers and participate in the Linkwork Champions Roles

We actively oppose discrimination against service users in Croydon.

We support a user council (who are Linkwork Champions) to discuss and debate current concerns with service leads, ward and service managers and Public Patient Leads (PPIs)

We offer service users a communication platform for the constructive exchange of ideas on issues affecting them through the Open Forum and Linkworking Projects

We campaign for improvements in mental health services.

We provide a wide range of information about local/national services and issues that concern users of mental health services in Croydon, through our two Websites &


Hear Us CEO
Orchard House
15a Purley Road
South Croydon

Tel: 020 8681 6888


Charity No. 1135535
Company No. 06891337


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Our Next Open Forum

Our Next Open Forum

We are so sorry to announce this, but the May Open Forum will have to be postponed. Clearly this was not a course of action we hoped to take.

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