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LinkworkingHeadsHave you had your own experiences of mental health problems and want to support others? Are you committed to supporting people and helping to improve local services? Do you want to do something new and rewarding?

If you’re thinking ‘yes’, then becoming a Linkworker might be something for you…

What’s involved?

Being a Linkworker involves going into local services and offering a listening ear to people using that service.  By listening to people’s experiences, you can get a good picture of what is working well in that service, as well how it could be improved and made better for service users.

Linkworkers play a vital role in supporting people to talk about their mental health journey and their experiences of services.  Because we’ve all had our own experiences of mental health, often service user’s find it easier to give us frank and honest feedback about the service.  For example, we’ve recently heard issues about service users being concerned over benefits and entitlements, suggesting that services need to be more pro-active in signposting people to welfare and benefits support.  As we’re able to feedback these issues to the service managers, the idea is that the service gradually improves for everyone who is using it.

Is it right for you?

The most important thing that you bring to the role as a Linkworker is your own experience of having been a mental health service user. Your experiences will play a critical role in helping you to relate to others who are travelling a similar journey.

To find out more about what’s involved, please complete the brief form below and we will contact you.  Alternatively, if you’re not sure and would like an informal chat, contact Barbra on 020 8681 6888 or email

PLEASE NOTE, this post is only open to people with lived experience of mental health problems.

If you are interested in becoming a Linkworker; please complete this form and we will contact you shortly. Please state why you would be interested in becoming a Linkworker

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