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Imagine-Linkworking-Annual-Report-2013-14Imagine Mental Health Drop-in Services A retrospective of the service through the eyes of it’s members

Hear Us have been monitoring the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust since 2007. We have now turned the project to look at the quality and service provision provided by the voluntary sector.

This report is produced following Linkworking that took place Summer and Autumn 2013 at Imagine’s drop-in services at Purley United Reform Church, Parchmore Methodist (Thornton Heath) and at the CVA Resource Centre (West Croydon)

We wanted to gain an insight from their members and produce a retrospective assessment report of the service through the eyes of its members.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the members of the drop-ins that kindly allowed Hear Us into their lives to hear about their experiences and to those that openly expressed their views and issues that they have about the project.

Without the openness and honesty of members of the drop-in we interviewed, this report would be lacking the human element of their experiences. We hope that we have done justice to their words.

I would also like to apologise for the delay in this report being published. Throughout the year, Hear Us has been inundated; receiving over 1000 calls and visits to our office for help. Service users are often in crisis, yet, at present, we only receive limited funding to provide this kind of support. With each day we receive more calls for help which is putting considerable strain on the organisation, on our staff and on our volunteers.

Tim Oldham
Hear Us Coordinator

This report is dedicated to all service users, both past and present, who have contributed to the improvement of Mental Health Services in Croydon