Hear Us Annual Report 2012/13

Hear Us / Hear Us Annual Report 2012/13

Report of the Chair of Trustees

The Trustees, who are all volunteers, meet once a month for two hours: we meet to consider the work of Hear Us, to check the accounts each month and see that we meet our charitible objectives. A sub-committee of some of the Trustees also meets monthly for two hours to oversee extra matters.

This year as well as continuing the good work of the Linkworkers under Allie’s good management, Linkworking will begin in 2013/14 with the Imagine service and with Westways Resource Centre and Older people at Chelsham House at the Bethlem. Hear Us has obtained funding from the national organisation Time To Change, which works to remove the Stigma that blights the lives of those of us who have suffered mental ill health. Jane organised all the volunteers who work for the Reachout Challenge in Croydon. We are the only user-led organisation to get this funding. Thanks to both Allie & Jane.

Also this year we have recently moved into a bigger office at Orchard House; we are pleased that now more volunteers are coming forward to help there with the work of Hear Us. Thanks to all of them.

Our Newsletter is now called ‘In Our Shoes’ and goes out to all our members and other sites round the borough. The Hear Us Hand-Book, which was so well received last year, is in the process of being up-dated, due to government actions that are affecting our services.

The Forum is our monthly meeting (held on the first Tuesday of the month) at the CVA (Croydon Voluntary Action). We have speakers on the issues that affect our members. Meetings have been very well attended.

The work of Hear Us is not only carried out by volunteers, but also the staff. Tim the coordinator who does so much for the success we have. Jane is the Administrator/ Project Leader as well as the Reachout Challenge organiser; Allie the Linkworking Manager, Carmen, Andy and Al are our Project Workers. Thanks to everyone for another very successful year.

Ruth Govan

Chair of Hear Us Trustees