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Hear Us’s Mental Health Service User Football Team
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I would like to introduce you to the Croydon Eagles, a mental health football team that promotes good mental and physical health. You do not have to be brilliant at football; It is about being part of a group of people wanting to improve their mental and physical health. Using physical exercise to improve health and being apart of a team of people merely enjoying playing football and having some fun!

Our mental health football project has been running, and scoring goals and missing some howlers for 10 years, and I’ve had the pleasure to be part of it since its conception. I have seen many people who struggle with their mental health benefit from taking part in our weekly sessions. I’ve met some outstanding people along the way who have become good friends.          

Our football sessions take place on Wednesdays at 3 pm. We will restart our season, which will soon resume, once this challenging year of the pandemic is over or when restrictions have been lifted. We meet every Wednesday at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. We also play in a mental health football league. Where we play once a month.                             

We have had an association with Mind in Croydon and Crystal Palace FC down the years and we are now part of Hear Us. We hope this link-up will bring many more successful years.

We hope the project can benefit even more people. It is proven that physical activity can really benefit mental health and I have seen these benefits, both on my own mental health and the many others who have taken apart.

Recently we were awarded funding from the London Community Foundation to enable us to travel to matches – we are also seeking funding for a new football kit for our team who play in the Surrey Community League at Walton-on-Thames

I look forward to meeting any new players.


Tim Matthias

If you would like to join the team please complete the below form and we will contact you shortly