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ACTIVE-MINDS-FOOTBALL“Taking part in the Active Minds Football project has been my way back onto my feet and fighting my mental illness”

Active Minds Football Project A retrospective of the service through the eyes of it’s members

This report is produced as a result of a request by Active Minds: That I gather information from their
members and produce a retrospective assessment report of the service through the eyes (& feet) of its

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the members of Active Mind’s Football Project that kindly
expressed views, sharing their experiences and openly expressing the impact on their lives, that participating in
Active Minds football project has had on them. 

This report provides an insight into the experience of mental health service users that have forged friendships,
improved thier fitness football skills and helped to improve each others mental health by supporting each other without prejudice of skills, talent or fitness. 

Without the openness and honesty of the team members I interviewed, this report would be lacking the human
element of their experiences. We hope that we have done justice to their words.

Tim Oldham

To find out more about Mind in Croydon’s Active Minds Project – click here for details: Active Minds