Section E. Staff and Volunteers

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PartNamePDF Documents
Part 1Absence from work Policy
Part 1Induction Procedure
Part 2Equal Opportunities Policy
Part 3Supervision: Self Appraisal
Part 3.1Staff Supervision: Appraisal Form
Part 4Staff Supervision
Part 4.1Staff Supervision Form
Part 4.2Staff Supervision Contract
Part 4.3Volunteer Supervision Form
Part 5Contract of Employment
Part 6Supervision Contract
Part 7Expenses Procedure
Part 7.1General Expenses Claim Form
Part 7.2Mileage Expenses Claim Form
Part 7.3General Expenses Claim Form
Part 7.4Staff Extra Time Sheet
Part 8Payment Policy
Part 8.1Payment Claim Form
Part 9Induction Procedure
Part 9.1Job Descriptions: Cheif Executive OfficerTo follow
Part 9.2Job Descriptions: Office AdministratorTo follow
Part 9.3Job Descriptions: Project WorkerTo follow
Part 9.4Job Descriptions: Linkworking Manager Payroll To follow
Part 9.4Job Descriptions: Linkworking ManagerTo follow
Part 9.5Volunteers AgreementTo follow
Part 9.6Job Description: Projects Manager ExtraTo follow
Part 9.6Job Description: Linkworking AdministratorTo follow
Part 9.6Welfare Benefit Surgeries
Project Manager Job
To follow
Part 9.6.1Job Description: Data Input To follow
Part 9.7 Welfare Benefit Surgeries
Project Worker Job
To follow
Part 9.14Induction Procedure
Part 10External Supervisor Application
Part 10.1Equal Opportunities in Employment Monitoring Form
Part 11Reference Form
Part 11.1Request for Reference Letter
Part 12Involving Volunteers
Part 13Involving Volunteers Resource Pack
Part 14Involving Volunteers Time Sheets
Part 15Equal Opportunities form
Part 16Sickness Policy
Part 17Disability Related Sickness Absence
Part 23Professional Boundaries PolicyTo follow
Part 24Professional Boundaries GuidelinesTo follow
Part 25Employee Handbook