Policies & Procedures

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A. QUALITY ASSURANCE: Knowing what we are doing and how To Do It
The organisation defines clearly for its stakeholders its long-term purpose and its plans for the medium and short term. It sets clear priorities and targets for its activities that are designed to meet the needs and expectations of its stakeholders, and it reviews its progress.

B. GOVERNANCE: Meeting Our Responsibilities
The organisation ensures that it governs itself effectively and responsibly. It demonstrates accountability to the appropriate people and bodies, and the Board Trustees has the skills and information it needs to achieve its mission.

C. MANAGEMENT: Getting the Foundation Right 
The management of a quality organisation is appropriate to the organisation’s needs. Managers carry out all legal and financial responsibilities and are accountable to its funders and other stakeholders. Managers carefully plan the development of the organisation and promote effective communication.

D. USER-CENTRED SERVICES: Putting Users at the Heart of the Organisation
The organisation recognizes and values its users, and builds good relationships with them. It includes them in designing, delivering, reviewing and accessing services in order to meet their needs. Users are encouraged to make a positive contribution to the organisation.

E. STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS: Getting the Right People Working Together
The organisation recruits and manages the right people to work as staff and volunteers to the benefit of the organisation and its users. The organisation values its staff and volunteers and the contribution they make towards achieving the organisation’s aims.