FFHub-LeafletWhat is the Hub?

The Hub at Fairfield offers support to people with mental health problems and is an extension to Mind in Croydon’s Social Networking Service.

The Hub at Fairfield is a 12 month pilot project and is a direct to the day care questionnaire carried out by Mind in Croydon in 2013.

How can the Hub help?

The Hub supports people to understand and manage their mental and physical health issues.

The Hub provides a safe place for people who are lonely and isolated to meet and socialize with people and a place for them to receive practical help and advice.

The Hub is also open on a Saturday from 10am – 5pm with a reasonably-priced hot meal at lunchtime.

How do we do this?

Assisting with:

  • Form filling
  • Benefit issues
  • Managing bills and debt
  • Outreach support
  • Community issues (issues with neighbours)

We review each person accessing the service at regular intervals – three, six and twelve months.

Who is eligible?

  • Adults 18 – 65 years with a mental health problem


  • Who are accessing secondary metal health services or who has been within the last two years irrespective of their CPA status.


  • Who would benefit from support to prevent relapse, combat isolation, maintain recovery and develop social skills.

Who can make a referral?

Referrals are accepted from the following:

  • Health and social care professionals (including G.P.s)
  • Other mental health services (including voluntary services) where the person has been referred by one of the above.


Contact: The HUB

Mind in Croydon
Fairfield House
10 Altyre Road
East Croydon

Tel: 020 8688 1210

Email: hub@mindincroydon.org.uk
Website: www.mindincroydon.org.uk/the-hub