Surgery Referral

Surgery Referral

What we do:

The Welfare Benefits Advice service was set up to offer advice and assistance on welfare benefits issues to people suffering from mental health problems, their carers, and professionals working in the mental health field.

It is a specialist service focusing on helping clients apply for welfare benefit, such as ESA, PIP, Universal Credit ……………………………...


• Age over 18 -70
• Anyone with experience of mental health problems
• Resident of London Borough of Croydon (GP in LBC)


Online Referral Form:


• Self-referral
• Mental Health Professional
• GP
• Service user groups
• Voluntary and other statutory agencies

Advice Line:

Mind in Croydon have a advice line which is open to all with benefit enquiries

Waiting List:

Currently, due to staffing restraints, being dealt with by priorities/urgency

Jane White
Project Manager

Welfare Benefits Surgeriese
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Orchard House
15a Purley Road
South Croydon

Tel: 020 8681 6888
Mobile: 07594 373104


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Monday to Friday 10am-5pm