Status-ColumnSTATUS Employment is a registered charity which aims to assist disabled people in finding and retaining paid employment

Status work with people experiencing mental health problems to get into work or move closer to the ‘job market’ through education, training, paid work or volunteering.
An allocated Employment Consultant will:

  • identify an individual’s current skills
  • look at an individuals aspirations
  • support an individual to gain and keep employment
  • work with individuals and employers to provide a supportive work environment

Status Employment Football Training Course
a Football Partnership between Status Employment and Charlton Athletic Football Club to:

  • improve mental health and employment prospects
  • improve coordination, teamwork, self-esteem and confidence
  • raise personal fitness levels
  • encourage social activities and improve life experiences
  • offer pre-vocational sessions to help people move towards work

Do I need to be referred? No, You can refer yourself or ask your GP or Care Co-ordinator or another member of your support team to refer you to see a Status Employment consultant or join the football scheme.

Contact: Status Employment
Status Employment
6 West Way Gardens

Tel: 020 8655 3344


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