Linkworker Champions

Our Linkworking Project’s mission is to improve the quality of Croydon’s mental health services commissioned in Croydon, by lobbying and campaigning on local mental health issues based on feedback from service users raised through our Linkworkers.

Hear Us are looking to recruit ‘Service User Champions’. We are asking our Linkworking Experts that currently visit the Bethlem Royal Hospital and Community Resource Centres. Through discussion with service users, and hearing their issues and concerns; we want you to make recommendations for change which would improve the users experiences of services and treatments. 

As an Service User Expert Champion you will represent the voice of service users that you come into contact with during Linkworking. You will need to be able to:

You would need to attend regularly bi-monthly Croydon User Council (CUC) meetings at our offices in South Croydon. Sometimes we will need to hold special sub groups to focus on particular issues or concerns. You will be work in a team of six to eight Linkworking Champions

Prepare for our  meetings by being familiar with the items on the agenda and the related issues, getting support where necessary from the Hear Us Coordinator

We will invite representatives from commissioner, Croydon CCG and Council, and service providers SLaM (the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust) to hear recommendations that you make.

Report back to other service users on developments taking place within these services, through the Hear Us forums and newsletter.

We are looking to positively affect the recovery mental health service users and shorten their time in inpatients services and help them to navigate services through to an improved mental health and wellbeing.

As a representative from the Croydon’s mental health service user community you will act as the voice for local people accessing services. Although it is important to bring your experience as a service user to these meetings it is vital that you are you are able to represent a range of service user issues.

Key Experiences and abilities of Linkworking Champions are:

Experience of being a Linkworker, however training will be given to become a Linkworker where you can gain experience. 

Personal experience of receiving mental health services in Croydon preferably within the past 2 years

Knowledge of Croydon’s Mental Health Services

Ability to listen and understand issues that affect Croydon’s Mental Health Community of Croydon’s Mental Health Community

Be able to represent the views and have the ability to raise issues that affect Croydon’s Mental Health Community to commissioners and service providers

An interest in helping to improve the quality of care, support and culture of Croydon’s Integrated Mental Health Services

Ability to make a positive contribution to discussions and meetings

An ability to convey information back to the council from commissioners and service providers

Hear Us works toward eliminating all forms of discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity for all

If you are interested in acting as an ‘Service User Expert Champion’ please contact Tim Oldham or complete the following application form

Potential Linkworkers and Linkwork Champions will need to join the South London and Maudsley NHS Trusts (SLaM) Involvement Register

Linkworking Champion; Application Form



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