PDF DocumentsPartName
pdfPart 1Board Leadership
pdfPart 2Annual Report Procedure
pdfPart 3Charitable Objects: Articles of Association of Hear Us
pdfPart 4Contents Page
pdfPart 4.1Guidelines for Hear Us Trustees
pdfPart 4.2Role Descriptions
pdfPart 4.2.1Duties of Trustee
pdfPart 4.3Trustee Appraisal
pdfPart 4.3.1Trustee Appraisal Form
pdfPart 4.3.2Trustee Self Appraisal Form
pdfPart 4.4Trustee Induction Procedure
pdfPart 4.4.1Trustee Induction Record
pdfPart 4.4.2Trustee Induction Feedback Form
pdfPart 4.5Trustee Training Record
pdfPart 4.6Trustees Conflicts of Interest Policy
pdfPart 4.7Trustees Conflict of Interests Declaration form
pdfPart 4.8Trustees Interview Record Sheet
pdfPart 4.9Trustees form of declaration of commitment and qualification for Hear Us
pdfPart 4.10Sub-Group-Terms-of-Reference
pdfPart 5Trustee Application Pack