mindAll clients have an initial assessment where a decision is made on what the most appropriate treatment is for them. You will be given an opportunity to talk about your difficulties, and you will also find out more about the service.

If you would benefit from further counselling, we will arrange for you to see a counselor on a regular basis. There is normally a waiting list. How long you have to wait will depend on your needs and availability. We can help you deal with any problems that are causing emotional distress. Many counselors have specialist skills in areas including: Anxiety, Bereavement, Family issues, Relationships and Sexual abuse. We will make every effort to place you with a counselor who is best equipped to deal with your problem.

The Cost: Many people are concerned about the cost involved in counseling, but you will only be asked to make a contribution towards administration costs.

Mind in Croydon’s fees are £15 if waged and £5 if unwaged.

Contact: Counselling Services

26 Pampisford Road

Tel: 020 8763 2064

Email: counselling@mindincroydon.org.uk
Website: www.mindincroydon.org.uk/counselling